LeadCrawler - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not covered here, or for any support enquiries, please email support@leadcrawler.io and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. You can also tweet to us at @leadcrawlerio.

General Questions

Who should use LeadCrawler?

If you have a list of websites you want to return contact emails for, LeadCrawler is for you. For this purpose we consider it the best email-finding tool online (see our page on Hunter vs LeadCrawler for examples on why it's great for this). It is not for finding as many emails as possible all over the internet, nor is it for returning emails of everyone at a company, or telling you someones email if you enter their name and company.

What percentage of websites does LeadCrawler find an email for?

This varies a lot depending on the type of websites. Generally, LeadCrawler returns emails for anywhere from 20% to 50%+ of websites. A credit is only deducted if an email is successfully found.

How does LeadCrawler find emails?

LeadCrawler visits each website you give it and intelligently searches for a suitable contact email. It does not rely on any third-party sources or databases, and will only return an email if the website owner has actually listed a contact email on their website.

Can LeadCrawler send emails or manage an email marketing campaign?

No. LeadCrawler is a tool for finding emails only. For managing a cold email outreach campaign, there are many tools available, such as Mailshake.

Can LeadCrawler validate the legitimacy of emails?

Not yet, but this feature may be added later if it's requested. Until then, we recommend using Mailboxlayer or Voila Norbert for email validation. If you are using a good outreach tool like Mailshake, you'll have the option to validate emails before starting a mailing campaign (Mailshake, for example, validates emails using Viola Norbert).

Using LeadCrawler

Can I get LeadCrawler to return more than 1 email for each website?

No. LeadCrawler only returns 1 email for each website you give it even if it finds more than 1 email. It's designed to be used for targeted outreach to website owners rather than any kind of mass emailing campaign.

How do 'requests' and 'credits' work?

When you ask LeadCrawler to find an email for a URL, that's a request (whether an email is found or not). When an email is found, that's a credit.

Will my email-finding job stop if I close the window or lose my internet connection?

No. Once you start a job, it will run and finish no matter what. You can go to your past jobs page at any point to view the status of any given job.

How do I use LeadCrawler for shotgun skyscraper?

On the new job page, click the link at the bottom ("Using shotgun skyscraper? Click here") and a small form for uploading a .zip file will appear. Upload all your backlink exports as a .zip file (to make a .zip file, select the files you'd like to turn into a .zip file, right click, Send to, then select "Compressed (zipped) folder") and LeadCrawler will get to work.

Are refunds offered?

As we offer a free plan that shows exactly how LeadCrawler works and exactly how well it finds emails, we don't offer no-questions-asked refunds. In the event that LeadCrawler has an issue, we'll work to get it resolved as fast as possible.


Can I stop LeadCrawler finding my email or crawling my website?

Yes. Send an email to support@leadcrawler.io requesting as such, and we'll add your email or domain to our exclude list.