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Find emails of website owners

LeadCrawler can find the email of a website owner in seconds. Give it a try:

LeadCrawler is designed to find 1 good email only for reaching out to the owner of each URL you give it. If you have a list of websites you want to contact, this is the tool for you.

LeadCrawler can find thousands of emails that no other tool does.

Finds hidden and obfuscated emails.

LeadCrawler is able to find all kinds of obfuscated or hidden emails, including emails obfuscated by Cloudflare. Over 16% of websites use Cloudflare, which obfuscates emails by default -- and other email-finding tools like Hunter and Scrapebox miss all these emails.

Returns @gmail.com and other free emails if they belong to the website owner.

If you ask LeadCrawler to return an email for 'xyzwebsite.com' and the only email it finds is 'xyzwebsite@gmail.com', it will identify that as the email of the website owner and return that. If it only finds the email 'mrbean@gmail.com' on xyzwebsite.com, it won't return that.

Searches FAST, in real-time.

Rather than returning old and outdated results, LeadCrawler searches websites in real-time for emails the second you give it a job to do. Running on Amazon servers, it's also able to search websites quickly, and searches multiple websites at once if you give it a big list to check.

Intelligently picks the best email if multiple are found.

If you ask LeadCrawler to search somewebsite.com for emails and it finds the emails 'mrbean@gmail.com', 'abuse@somewebsite.com' and 'gary@somewebsite.com', it will identify gary@somewebsite.com as the best email and return that.

Guesses the name of an email owner.

Cold email outreach is much more effective if you can use the recipients first name. LeadCrawler sees if a name is included in an email it finds, and returns it. For example, it will guess the name 'Jenna' for the email 'jennawest@website.com'.

Returns a list of contact forms for URL's where an email wasn't found.

With any other email-finding tool, if an email isn't found, nothing is returned. LeadCrawler returns a list of contact pages (such as 'website.com/contact-form') for URL's where it couldn't find an email. Then, instead of reaching out via email, you can reach out via the contact page.

Dead-easy to use.

Simply copy and paste a list of URL's, click the Submit button, and wait a moment for the results. Zero tech skills or customization required.

Finds emails on a specific URL, not just emails for the whole domain.

Suppose you're looking to email the person behind a specific URL, for example 'xyzcollege.edu/resources'. Other online tools will only return ALL @xyzcollege.edu emails (of which there may be hundreds), rather than looking specifically at xyzcollege.edu/resources for 1 good email contact.

Goes beyond searching only the URL you give it.

LeadCrawler first tries to find an email on the URL you give it. If it can't find one, it will search other pages on the website, along with a Facebook page for the website if it exists (checking Facebook pages alone results in around 15% more emails being found).

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If you're using the shotgun skyscraper method for link building...

LeadCrawler automates almost the entire shotgun skyscraper process. Upload your Ahrefs backlink exports, and LeadCrawler will do the rest (combine everything into one .csv file, remove undesirable websites and duplicates, search emails for each URL and then return a .csv with names and emails for each URL where an email was found).

Read how we've used LeadCrawler to build thousands of high-quality whitehat links -- including from dozens of colleges, government websites and all kinds of different websites.